This Just In NBOME UPDATE (Sept 2nd, 2014)

The NBOME has responded to students concerns voiced by COSGP, SOMA and educational leaders surrounding the recent COMLEX-USA Level 2 CE score reports. In June 2014 a scheduled “Comprehensive Psychometric Review” was implemented (NBOME took a look at the math behind the test scoring). As a result many students saw a large drop in their three digit score causing much consternation and out cry.

After a careful review of the circumstances, NBOME has released a new set of scores.

NBOME acknowledges students concerns about the “secondary uses of COMLEX-USA scores, most notably in residency program applications.


And the need for COMLEX to be consistent over the course of our education.

“The NBOME is intent that the score scaling be as consistent and applicable as the pass/fail determination has proven to be.”


Going Forward the NBOME offers the following PLAN.


Based on the comprehensive psychometric review, the NBOME will begin reissuing score reports for the 2014-2015 test cycle of the COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE examination on September 2, 2014. The scaling process will be modified to provide a scale where the mean is not fixed to a pre-specified value. This will provide better comparability from year-to-year across the score range. The new scale will maintain the criterion-based passing score of 400. All COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) reports to residency program directors from August 14, 2014 have been retracted and new reports will be transmitted beginning September 2, 2014.


An extensive communication plan will continue to directly inform candidates, deans, program directors and key stakeholder groups.”


Full information and mathematical details available here


COSGP would like to thank

You all for your openness and patience,

The NBOME for listening to and addressing students concerns,

SOMA Executive board and  The Student AOA Trustee for standing united with us on students behalf

And the COSGP Council for their tireless communication with their upper classes


Remaining respectfully at your service,


TimLemaire ,  National First Vice Chair and

COSGP Executive Board