Single Accreditation Moves Forward

Earlier today, the AOA House of Delegates discussed resolution H-800: Single Graduate Medical Education Accreditation System. The special reference committee on Single GME Accreditation System recommended that the resolution be approved as amended. After months of research and debate, the resolution and amendments were discussed by the house for just under an hour before it was called to question and subsequently approved.

Members of COSGP worked with leaders from SOMA to help craft resolution H-808. Parts of this resolution were folded into resolution H-800 to reflect osteopathic student support of single accreditation. We at COSGP would like to thank the members of the AOA Board of Trustees for all of their hard work on H-800.

This is a historic moment for our profession. From here we look towards our future, trusting the AOA leaders during this time of transition to make the necessary decisions to protect and expand GME for osteopathic students.