Lead Intentionally

Presented by: Tim Lemaire, National First Vice Chair, OMS-III

Written by: Andrew Cudmore, ATSU-SOMA

Tim took the COSGP through a series of images that gave perspective on how leaders can be more effective when acting intentionally. References ranging from personal friends to popularized characters in literature and film were used throughout the talk to illuminate key aspects of leadership.

First, we were given a description of an artist that sees potential in everything and makes masterpieces from unexpected sources such as junkyards. His ability translated into opportunities for the young artist as he honed skills in patience with coworkers who did not yet see the same potential. This emphasis on patience also helped our presenter manage stores that were in disastrous condition. The potential for positive change was much greater for both leaders when they were able to patiently lead teams toward a certain goal.
The next several anecdotes included interpretations of fictional characters such as Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter and The Jedi from Star Wars. Focusing on team members’ strengths was underscored as a key for guiding leadership meaningfully. Powerful concepts such as hope and strategy must be given careful attention in order to effectively empower others.

A valuable resource for helping focus on leading intentionally can be found at www.gallupstrengthcenter.com. Here, users can read through personal strengths in addition to laying out plans of action.
However students and physicians choose to lead, our speaker closed by sharing the advice of finding a group that you feel does important work. After this discovery, help the group through contribution of your strategic thinking. You can be a leader with your ideas.