Getting Your Message Across

Speaker: Louisa Sethi, NYITCOM

Written by: Andrew Cudmore, ATSU-SOMA

Louisa gave us an overview of how to more effectively convey messages. She advised that communication could be better utilized through a simple and clear list of objectives.
The first requirement was to know the audience. This calls for understanding the desires of the people that one tries to reach. Reflect on questions such as why they are listening, what is the best way to help them learn, and what obstacles they will present. The time spent preparing on these thoughts can pay off greatly through offering perspective.

The next goal was to have a clear message. Explicitly stating what one wants from their audience can clarify ideas and minimize confusion between people. This may require a pruning process that cuts some material out so that the core concepts can be properly transmitted. Making a message simple may also be more palatable if quotable sound bites can be included.

Preparedness was another crucial part of expression. Research of the opposite viewpoint may help a speaker be ready for questions that may arise during discussion and help bolster reasoning for a certain viewpoint. Confidence can be a very powerful byproduct of allowing ample amounts of time for research, practice, and structure for a lecture.

Engagement of the audience is another step that was essential to effective transmission of any message. Involvement of others in a discussion can make them care about a given cause much more than a one-sided lecture. This involvement calls for a balance between analytical and emotional reasoning to be made.

Lastly, a powerful ending can help to resolve a solution to conflict that has been built on a subject and subsequently solidify the idea presented. Use of these objectives can vary greatly across different settings. It is up to the speaker to extrapolate on these ideals and develop a talk that will best fit a given setting. She ended on an engaging open forum that helped the presentation stick for all those in attendance. What do you think? Are there some that she missed?