National ShaDO Week 2015

ATTENTION CURRENT MEDICAL STUDENTS: Did you know that National ShaDO Week is April 20-24? This event will allow you to share your unique experiences and enthusiasm for osteopathic medicine with prospective students applying to our COMs so they will know what life is like as a future DO!

Register your colleges of osteopathic medicine (COM) by February 20:

Watch the video:

This is an incredible opportunity for COMs to organize resources, for current students to share their expertise, and to contribute to an inspiring experience for prospective pre-medical students.

Register your COM:

National Osteopathic Night Out on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Advising Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of National Pre-SOMA medical student leaders, they would like to invite you and your interested premedical students and applicants to AACOMAS to join them for National Osteopathic Night Out on Wednesday, December 17, 2014.    This amazing event is taking place across the nation in various cities and times!

National Osteopathic Night Out is spear-headed by innovative and passionate current medical student leaders that want to meet prospective premedical students and share with them their enthusiasm for osteopathic medicine; what it takes to be a successful applicant and future physician!   This is a great networking and mentoring opportunity not to be missed!

Please have your interested pre-medical students sign-up on the Eventbrite registration form (   Space is limited!   The medical students respectfully ask those students that sign-up to please let them know, in advance, if they must cancel or have a change in their plans.

Thank you for your support of your aspiring future physicians and our current medical school students.  We hope many of your students will participate in this exciting opportunity!

With all good wishes,


Single Accreditation for GME Student Fact Sheet

Attached is a set of talking points that were developed to address many of the concerns we have heard you express. We hope you will find these helpful in addressing those concerns, as well as in addressing the concerns of those around you, as dialogue and discussion on this issue continues. Please forward this information on to your fellow students as you deem appropriate, so we can get the word out.

Student Factsheet 03120124


I fully support the unified accreditation of GME! The leaders from the AOA and the AACOM deserve a lot of credit and thanks for fighting for the future of our profession. Make sure you reach out and thank them!! I am so proud to be a future osteopathic physician!!