What is COSGP?

COSGP is the Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents (previously known as the Council of Student Presidents).  It was established in 1972 as an official council of the American Association of College of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM).  COSGP serves as the official national representative voting voice of all osteopathic medical students.  COSGP works to maintain communication, disseminate information, foster student leadership, and provide a mechanism for the exchange of ideas between students of different colleges of osteopathic medicine.

The Purpose and Goals of COSGP

  1. To assemble student leaders from each college of osteopathic medicine (COM)
  2. To collaborate on issues affecting all osteopathic medical students
  3. To foster the exchange of ideas, information, and problem solving affecting individual colleges of osteopathic medicine
  4. To effectively communicate and represent the osteopathic medical student perspective to professional and educational organizations including AACOM, AOA, NBOME, and other relevant organizations – AOA Affiliates, Partnerships, and Teams
  5. To encourage professional development and leadership among osteopathic medical students
  6. To support and promote the principles and pride of osteopathic medicine among osteopathic medical students and the American public